I was waiting around for my two roomates Tarra [everybody calls her 'Princess'] and Prissy, one summer. We were all planning on going down to the beach, but I had to wait for the girls to get ready.  Princess is a hot looking girl with a bangin' bod. I've always had fantasies about fucking her, but never gathered the courage to even ask her out. Her roomate Prissy is a babe as well. Long black hair and a tight little ass. The girls went into Prissy's room to get her things set for the trip so I waited outside. I wandered around the apartment and snuck into Princess's room. I noticed one of her dresser drawers was slightly opened so I leaned in for a closer look. There they were. A large heap of her panties all grouped up inside. I was so mesmerized by the colors and the thought of her wearing them, I couldn't help but bring a pair up to my nose and take in as big of a whiff as I could. Before I could relish in that lovely scent Princess came bursting through the room. Appauled to have caught me partaking in something so obscene and personal. "WHAT the HELL!?" She yelled as she dove to take her underwear out of my hands. "Oh my god... you've GOT to get in here!" Princess exclaimed. Prissy rushed in and gasped as she realized what had occurred.  "Were you jerking off in our panties!?" Princess interrogated.  Naturally, I tried denying it. I was fucking embarassed but I still couldn't help but smile for some reason.   "That's it. YOU have to find somewhere else to live." She said.  Prissy grabbed the undies and pulled them over my head before shoving me forcefully on the bed.  "What do you think we should do with him? This is horrible. YOU just went throgh her room! Her undies! In Princess's room. WHO treats a princess that way. Are we gonna have to punish you?"         Click Here To Continue!!!