"I can't believe it! The big two - one!" Dee exclaimed as we sipped on our white wine. My two girlfriends Dee and Bria were over at my house celebrating my 21st birthday with me. Dee told me to be expecting a very nice surprise, so I was eager to find out just what it was. "What is it?" I asked. "I can't tell you!" Dee told me. Shay and Bria explained that I would have to wait and that the 'suprise' would arrive shortly. And shortly it did. "HERE IS YOUR PRESENT!" Dee came in, escorting a big muscled guy. I was very impressed, I can't believe they got me a stripper for my birthday! I was so giddy I pulled up a chair and sat my wine glass down on the counter. The stripper began unbuttoning his shirt and the girls and I started whistling at him.

"Take it off!" We demanded. And take it off, he did. He wiggled his rear at my as he removed his jeans, exposing his bare ass and cock to us. We switched positions and had the stripper sit on the chair while we all stood around him. We grabbed the whipped cream... Click here to continue!